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          V process Casting EPC
          V process Casting

          What's v-process casting technology

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          1. Film heating: using special film heat to heat the EVA film to certain temperature.

          2. Film covering: turn on the pattern vacuum, put the soften film on the pattern surface. The film will covered on the pattern surface tightly underthe effect of vacuum.

          3.Coating spraying: spraying the coating through coating spraying system on the film surface. Using drying machine to dry the coating.

          4.Flask setting: put the empty flask on the pattern.

          5.Sand filling: vibrating table move to sand filling position. Turn on the sand filler, sand flow into the empty flask and under vibration to get high density mold.

          6.Film sealing: put another piece of film on the back surface of the mold. Turn on the vacuum, the mold become hard.

          7.Stripping: after get hard mold, using special lift machine or manapulator for stripping and close the mold on the pouring area.

          8.Pouring: pouring under vacuum pressure. Then keep certain time of vacuum. After keep vacuum pressure,

          9.Shaking out: turn on the vacuum, move the mold to shaking out area, then turn off the vacuum. The sand flow freely and back to sand hopper through sand preparation system.

          ● Characteristics& Advantages of v-process casting technology

          1. 1.V-process using dry sand without any chemical binder, under the vaccum pressure to get stable mold;
          2. 2.No chemical binder consumption can reduce the production cost;
          3. 3.No pollution, environmental friendly;
          4. 4.Excellent surface quality;
          5. 5.High dimensional accuracy;
          6. 6.Suitable for all kinds of metal materials;



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